Integrity. Courage. Confidence.

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Foundation Builders.

With over 15 years of building experience, Foundation Builders is able to provide a start-to-finish service for new home builds, renovations and extensions, as well as multi-dwelling developments. Our expert team can help you through the entire building process, from design concept, permit applications and hard finish selection, through to completion of the project.

We have an extensive network of industry-leading subcontractors, whom we know can be trusted and relied upon to provide their services on time, and to our exacting standards. We are committed to building and maintaining transparent relationships, focusing on a foundation of trust, communication, and commitment to client satisfaction.


We are people and empowerment focused, and we value creation through innovation.

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Our Team.

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Andrew Hall


  • Qualified Carpenter, 2003
  • Started Foundation Builders, 2004
  • Registered Domestic Builder, 2014
  • 18 years of domestic building experience as a carpenter, site manager, project manager, and builder.
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Troy Gaskell

Business Development Manager

  • Registered Domestic Builder, 2016
  • 20 years of commercial construction and property development experience
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Gradyn Friso


  • Qualified Carpenter, 1997
  • Diploma in Building Construction, 2006
  • Registered Domestic Builder, 2019
  • 25 years of experience in construction as a carpenter, builder, developer and business owner.

Our Philosophy.

Our core values of Integrity, Courage and Confidence are central to who we are as a company. We are people and empowerment focused, and we value creation through innovation. Attention to mastering the basics as well as the details, commitment, and personal responsibility are characteristics that are essential to our company’s success. We use hands-on management to accomplish what we set out to do, and we pride ourselves on doing the right thing.


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